Southwestern Adventist University – Plaza Improvements

Posted on January 12, 2023

Callahan & Freeman’s design for revitalization of a college’s prominent plaza includes 1.4 acres of new walking paths, groundcover zones, and an amphitheater interlaced with new landscaping. Radiused sidewalks help create an artificial turf putting green in the center while the entire plaza is flanked by two radiused, steel tube shade structures. Large stone block seating radiates from the amphitheater stage.

Heritage Christian Academy Gymnasium

Posted on August 4, 2020

Callahan & Freeman’s schematic design for a preparatory school gymnasium includes a stand-alone facility carved into a sloping hillside on the school campus. The main entry vestibule establishes flow through the lobby containing concessions into the gymnasium where telescoping bleachers seat 320 spectators. Locker rooms are adjacent to the taller volume gymnasium with classroom and office functions orbiting at the rear of the facility, tucked into the hill. An outdoor plaza helps transition the sloping topography.

Southwestern Adventist University – Performing Arts

Posted on July 21, 2020

Callahan & Freeman’s design of a performing arts theater for a university wraps a large brick and glass lobby around one side of a much taller, sloped floor auditorium. A proscenium arch frames the stage, with a mobile orchestra shell flanking the organ. The scene dock and instrument storage are clustered around an equipment courtyard and loading dock. The building welcomes circulation from both the street front as well as the interior campus behind.

Trinity Basin Preparatory – Panola

Posted on June 24, 2019

Callahan & Freeman’s design for a new two-story preparatory school clusters classroom functions around the perimeter of the building to capture natural light and places support spaces within the interior of each floor. Punched windows are each covered by louvered metal canopies on three sides of the painted precast concrete exterior of this 27,389 SF school building.

Keene ISD Field House

Posted on November 19, 2018

Callahan & Freeman’s design for a high school field house places the 8,376 SF building on a slight hill overlooking the soccer field and surrounding track. A series of concrete ramps leads up to a landscaped plaza where people enter into the centrally located spine of the building, consisting of a weight room with glazed overhead doors on each end that can be opened to take advantage of pleasant weather. Boys and girls locker rooms orbit either side of the spine, with coaches and training spaces also accessed along the spine. Public spaces consisting of ticket sales, concessions and restrooms are accessed from the exterior of the building.

Chisholm Trail Academy

Posted on April 20, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s schematic design for an elementary and high school complex is located on an existing 41.5 acre site. An existing high school is expanded to accommodate a new elementary school while providing baseball, softball, and soccer athletic fields with a separate bus storage building. The existing high school building expands into a 150,189 SF complex creating an elementary school, two gymnasiums, performing arts center and two cafeterias. The design separates the younger students from the older students and utilizes brick veneer with standing seam metal roofing to articulate the long façade.

Everman ISD Field House

Posted on April 20, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s solution for an athletic field house envelops the end of an existing track and football field. The 24,254 SF concrete and brick structure contains a centrally located varsity locker room, film room and equipment storage. The weight room and visitor locker are angled off to one side. Coaches’ offices, linen, the junior varsity lockers, and freshman lockers oppose the central core and are situated at the opposite angle. Covered porches accentuate the entries to the home and visitor locker rooms.

Everman Ninth Grade Center

Posted on April 20, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s design for a ninth grade center is located adjacent to an existing high school and joined by a covered walkway. A large central commons area with a vaulted, exposed ceiling is the heart of the facility. School offices and language labs are located at the front of the building while classrooms orbit off to one side. The opposing side contains science labs and classrooms. The 45,195 SF concrete and brick veneer structure welcomes visitors with a covered front porch on axis with the commons space.

Infinity Preparatory Charter School

Posted on April 20, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s solution for a new 11,305 SF charter school gymnasium situated on an existing campus, adjacent to a soccer field, includes a brick veneer building with a metal canopy at the aluminum storefront entry vestibule. A lower volume houses the main entry, athletic office, storage and toilets. The opposite end contains a girl’s and boy’s locker room with adjacent mechanical space. Telescoping wood bleachers are situated along one edge of the gymnasium.

Lindsay ISD Gymnasium

Posted on April 20, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s design for a new freestanding, high school gymnasium includes telescoping bleachers on each side of the court. Restrooms and concessions are located off of the entry lobby, while the locker rooms and coaching offices are located at the back of the vaulted ceiling gym. Covered side entry canopies and a larger covered front porch highlight the exterior of the 18,275 SF aggregate concrete and brick veneer structure.

Trinity Basin Preparatory – Pafford

Posted on April 20, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s solution for a preparatory school addition includes an enclosed, linking corridor leading from the existing school into the addition’s lobby. The first floor contains the nurse’s office, library, kitchen, multi-purpose space and classrooms. The second floor contains offices and larger classrooms with a science lab. The punched windows are each covered by louvered metal canopies on the painted concrete exterior of this 14,454 SF school building.

Broaddus High School/Junior High

Posted on April 20, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s solution for a new rural high school/ junior high facility is located on a 14.88 acre site with a baseball field, softball field and a separate agricultural shop. A central core of classrooms, labs, and home economics spaces are flanked by a gymnasium and weight room. Enclosing the opposite side of the classroom core is the kitchen, cafeteria, and library. A simple circulation path of 4 main corridors link all of the spaces together, composing the 55,881 SF school. A total of 5 covered, vaulted porches help bring character to the aggregate concrete exterior.