Glen Lake Camp Water Park

Posted on July 29, 2022

Callahan & Freeman’s design for a new water park located within an existing children’s camp and retreat center provides a covered entry plaza flanked by concessions and restroom buildings. The beach entry pool offers a climbing wall, basketball/volleyball and a waterwalk for the kids. A rock waterfall is located in the adjoining lazy river. Shade structures, an elevated composite deck and artificial turf assist in softening the surrounding cool deck. The pool area is designed to accommodate two future water slides.

Pecan Baptist Church Office/Classroom

Posted on January 11, 2021

Callahan & Freeman master planned a four acre site for a church complex, the initial church building has been completed. Design for a separate office/classroom building is currently underway. The smaller building sits adjacent to the main building and is connected via a covered metal walkway. Similar materials and an entry element assist in providing continuity with the main structure.

Stonewater Church

Posted on January 8, 2021

Callahan & Freeman’s solution for improvements to an existing church includes a sanctuary expansion, renovations to a 19,500 SF portion of the larger, existing building and modifications to the three main entrances. Tiered theater seating is introduced to the expanded sanctuary which incorporates floating acoustical panels above the space. Tube steel framed entrance elements wrapped with composite wood cladding and standing seam roofing emphasize the main entrances to the building.

Pecan Baptist Church

Posted on August 4, 2020

Callahan & Freeman master planned a four acre site for a church complex, the initial church building has been completed. Other facilities will come online as the church continues in growth. The lobby, nursery, kitchen and classroom spaces are situated at the front of the building, while the sanctuary with stage is located to the rear. A large metal drive thru canopy helps receive occupants off to one side of the structure.

Bella Vista Lutheran Church

Posted on April 21, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s design for a new sanctuary on a 4.9 acre existing church campus consists of a new 530 seat sanctuary building nestled into the existing campus. The nave terminates in the chancel, which has a sacristy and a space for the vestry flanking this central space. A gently sloping roof reaches its peak above the chancel. Rehearsal space, offices and classrooms make up the remainder of the 14,489 SF building. Concrete, stone accents, composition shingle roofing and a concrete tower with an aluminum cross compose the exterior material palette.


Community of Hope Methodist Church

Posted on April 21, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s design for a new 14,000 SF church includes a compact floor plan consisting of a worship center, warming kitchen, classrooms, and office spaces. The classroom wing is also designed to be utilized as a full time day care center. Precast aggregate concrete panels combined with stone veneer and standing seam metal roofing make up the exterior palette of materials. The building is situated on the 17 acre site, close to the street thus conserving open area for future growth.

First United Methodist Church Colleyville Family Life Center

Posted on April 21, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s solution for a new family life center for an existing church complex includes a lobby expansion and a 14,175 SF multi-purpose center. The family life center includes a gymnasium/fellowship hall with stage, kitchen, offices, classrooms and conference spaces. The building is split level to address the sloping site and tie into the existing facilities. Brick veneer, painted concrete, and composition roofing shingles provide exterior materials which blend in with the existing buildings seamlessly.

First United Methodist Church Glen Rose

Posted on April 21, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s solution for a major renovation to an existing 7,118 SF historical sanctuary includes re-establishing the original configuration of the sanctuary. The existing fellowship hall is converted into nurseries and restrooms while the sanctuary receives a total renovation. The small balcony has been removed along with the acoustical ceiling (which had been added years ago when the building was initially air conditioned). Above the acoustical ceiling is a beautiful wood ceiling which is completely restored. New structural decorative trusses are added to minimize columns in the sanctuary space. The character of the existing stone and composition roof materials is retained, and a mechanical room is added which blends in with the original palette. The exposed ceiling and natural lighting enhance the space.

Martin United Methodist Church

Posted on April 20, 2017

Frank Callahan designed the original sanctuary for this church in 1986 and was requested once again in 2001 to develop a new educational building. Callahan & Freeman’s design for the addition to the existing 24,200 SF church includes an educational building helping to complete the 9.75 acre site. Classrooms ranging from preschool to adults are organized in a linear, stair stepped plan which allow natural light and views of the site for each of the classroom spaces. The new educational wing is designed to nestle into the woods adjacent to the main sanctuary. Brick veneer and similar roofing materials help the 18,929 SF addition blend in effortlessly with the original facility.

New World United Methodist Church

Posted on April 20, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s design for a new 700 seat sanctuary building located on an existing 4.9 acre church campus includes a symmetrical sanctuary terminated by a platform and choir space. Sound and cry rooms are located in the back of the main space. Nursery and lobby functions occur at the back of the new building, locating these functions opposite the sanctuary yet towards the existing church building. An enclosed corridor links the new 14,662 SF concrete and glass building with the existing facilities.

Ridglea Christian Church

Posted on April 20, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s design for a 18,000 SF church remodel consists of renovations to the sanctuary, altar and restrooms as well as an expansion to the parking lot combined with a memory garden, playground and entrance gateway additions. An ornamental metal and brick veneer wall encloses the memory garden, which contains a playground and a brick masonry columbarium. The arched brick masonry entrance gateway and adjacent landscaping creates a point of arrival at the main drive.

St. Therese Catholic Church

Posted on April 20, 2017

Callahan & Freeman’s design for a new sanctuary on an existing 2.2 acre church campus consists of a traditional shaped structure composed of a narthex and sanctuary terminated by an altar platform and chapel. Additional seating space and opposing choir flank the altar platform. Stained glass windows are designed into the building in such a way that they can be donated by church members and added over time. A tower with cross highlight the 5,325 SF building’s exterior.

Marlboro Heights Baptist Church

Posted on November 21, 2016

Callahan & Freeman’s design for Marlboro Heights Baptist Church includes a sanctuary flanked by a classroom/nursery sector, with an office component on the opposite side. The sanctuary seats 500 people and includes state-of-the-art audio/visual systems. The one story brick veneer structure helped develop the church’s logo (the “M” located on the façade) and the dual lobbies provide great circulation for this 22,356 SF facility.